A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Alakajam #1 Entry : Team division


Goal : Protect the castle, and your life !

Controls : (Alt+Shift to toggle QWERTY)

  •  Z,Q,S,D to move, W,A,S,D in QWERTY
  • Left Click to attack long range
  • Right Click to attack melee
  • Middle scroll to change potion ammos
  • E to use the alchemist stand

Crafts :

  • Green potion : Rat's fur + Rat's Entrail
  • Blue potion : Rat's fur + Rat's brain
  • Red potion : Rat's fur + Mercury
  • Small Health Potion : Rat's Fur + Rat's Entrails
  • Medium Health Potion : Rat's Entrails + Rat's Brain
  • Full Health Potion : Rat's Entrails + Mercury

Post Jam (In the next hour) :

  • W,X,C to use Small, Medium and Full Health potion , A,X,C in QWERTY
  • Fullscreen mode

(I just forgot to allow the funtions in my prog ^^' )

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux


AlchemistAZERTY.zip 325 MB
AlchemistQWERTY.zip 325 MB


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it won't change to qwerty

Love it! The concept is strong and the play is fast paced. Kind of like a D&D restaurant game (but in a good way!). A few bugs here or there but a great demo for only 48 hours. Love the rats!